"I come from a proud middle class family that has been involved in public service for as long as I can remember. I want to work for you. We need to create more living wage jobs, improve our schools, and make public safety, improve our infrastructure, in particular, a top priority."



Marsha's Grandmother went to college for free. This is back when the rich paid their fair share. We can do this again. Marsha is calling for universal public free college and canceling student loan debt for 45 million Americans. Trade schools are often overlooked. Marsha is calling for free schooling for trades. 


Marsha's housing plan will lower the cost for rent by 15%, close the wealth gap, and create new jobs. In addition, Marsha will also offer tax breaks to landlords who offer affordable housing in their area.

More often than not, student loans prevent many individuals with good paying jobs obtain mortgages. Canceling student loan debt, will reduce the debt to income ratio and allow more individuals to obtain mortgages. If canceling student loan debt is not an option, Marsha plans on proposing legislation where student loan debt will not be calculated under the debt to income ratio for mortgages. Marsha will also end redlining that negatively affect black homeowners and communities. 


Healthcare is a basic human right. Many healthcare issues start out small and can be easily treated early on. Many Americans cannot afford to see the doctor nor buy prescriptions. No one should go broke paying a medical bill or filling a prescription. We need Medicare for All. 


Climate Change is upon us. If we do not act, the livelihood of humanity is at stake. It's time to invest in clean energy. Marsha supports solar and nuclear energy. We need big structure change. Marsha support the New Green Deal. The New Green Deal will update our outdated infrastructure, reduce our emissions and save money on utilities. 


No law in America should prevent a person based off of color, religion, gender or sexual orientation from a inalienable rights. We need to live in a society where it's equitable and treats people with kindness and acceptance. Women of color face a steeper climb to provide financial security for their families because of systemic discrimination.  Women of color often face higher cases of maternal mortality. Marsha plans to expand medical care for BIPOC. 

Marsha supports full equal rights for the LGBTQ community. Marsha supports the reauthorization of Equal Rights Amendment. She supports broadening the access to mental health services to reduce suicides and self harm.


Marsha's plan is to put access to healthcare in every community. She wants to create a public option to high speed broadband internet in every home. Build a strong stainable farm economy that raises farm incomes so farmers don't break even every year. She wants smaller AG businesses to obtain more tax breaks and allow to have more competitive prices to compete with larger AG businesses. In addition, she wishes to expand access to stable, good paying jobs in rural areas. 


Our county was founded on immigrants. Marsha understands that we need a major overhaul of the Immigration System. This area will be updated after Marsha speaks with immigrants and immigration attorneys. 


Marsha is committed from day one to end private prisons and bed quotas. Our country needs to end mass incarceration. She supports the legalization of marijuana and combating the opioid crisis. She believes that drug offenses needs to be handled in a different way to offer assistance to those addicted to drugs. She supports independent investigations for any and every time an individual is killed by law enforcement.


This issue is important to Marsha has her second child was stillborn at 38 weeks. Anti-choice laws would have prevented her from receiving life saving medical care. Marsha plans on being a co-sponsor for the Momma's Act that adds protections for women for if their pregnancy fails, she is protected by the law for receiving the medical card she chooses best suits her and her family.