"I come from a proud middle class family that has been involved in public service for as long as I can remember. I want to work for you. We need to create more living wage jobs, improve our schools, improve our infrastructure, in particular, a top priority."



Marsha's grandmother went to college for free, back when the rich paid their fair share. We can do this again. Marsha is calling for universal free public college, and for canceling the student loan debts of 45 million Americans. Trade schools are also often overlooked, and Marsha supports free schooling for skilled trades.


Marsha believes that anyone who works full-time should be able to afford to rent or purchase a home. Currently, almost half of the homeless population have full-time jobs. Marsha plans to offer tax incentives to landlords renting to low income earners.


Student loans are often a roadblock for people seeking mortgages, even when their paychecks are more than sufficient to pay them down. After working in the mortgage industry for many years, Marsha noticed that many individuals who could afford a mortgage still did not qualify due to their higher debt to income ratio. In office, she will propose legislation to stop student loan debt from factoring into that debt to income calculation. Marsha will also work to eliminate the discriminatory practice of redlining, which denies Black homeowners and communities access to essential services.


Many healthcare issues start out small and can be easily treated early on, but many Americans still cannot afford that treatment. No one should go broke paying a medical bill or filling a prescription. Marsha's first plan is to hold Big Pharma accountable for outsized medication costs and mandate a price cap on prescriptions. Marsha also supports universal healthcare, publicly funded health insurance plan that will eliminate coinsurance, co-pays, and surprise medical bills. 


Marsha also supports expanding access to mental health care services in general, but especially to our military, first responders, and low income earners.


Climate Change is upon us, and the future of humanity is at stake. It's time for big, structural change, starting with bold investments in clean energy like solar and nuclear programs. Marsha also supports the Green New Deal. The Green New Deal will update our decaying infrastructure, create millions of good paying jobs, reduce our emissions, and save money on utilities.


No law in America should allow anyone to be treated unfairly based on their color, religion, gender, or sexual orientation. We must strive for an equitable society which treats people with kindness and acceptance. This means combating the systemic discrimination of today, and especially focusing on women of color, who face many more difficulties in everything from financial security to health care. The maternal mortality rate for Black and Native American women is two to three times higher than that for white women. 


Marsha's health care plans will focus on improving outcomes for underserved people and communities. Marsha supports equal rights for the LGBTQ community, and the reauthorization of the Equal Rights Amendment.


Expanding health care means making it available in every community. But in the 21st century, rural areas have other needs as well. Marsha intends to create a "public option" for high-speed broadband internet, offering connectivity to every family and every home. American farmers need sustainable economic support to do more than just break even every year, and Marsha wants smaller family farms and rural businesses to get tax breaks and competitive pricing allowances to put them on a more even footing with larger agricultural concerns.


Our county was founded on immigration. Marsha understands that we need a major overhaul of the immigration system. This area will be updated after further consultation with immigrants and immigration attorneys.


Mass incarceration is a stain on America's conscience. Marsha is committed from day one to ending private prisons and bed quotas, and to accountability for law enforcement. Each and every death caused by a law enforcement officer must be independently investigated.

The War on Drugs has failed, but the opioid crisis is devastating American communities and families. Marsha believes that we need to handle addiction as a social health issue rather than a crime. Marsha also supports legalizing marijuana and the expungement of marijuana convictions from criminal records.


This issue is important to Marsha, as her second child was stillborn at 38 weeks. Anti-choice laws would have prevented her from receiving life-saving medical care. Marsha will co-sponsor the Momma's Act, which guarantees that women can choose the medical care they need in difficult or failing pregnancies.